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Kasdeya's home was one of mostly demons without other places, underlings loyal to him for taking them in. They didn't have many rules but they knew don't destory his home, and don't go in his chamber, ever. He trusted them to stick to the centuries old rule, since the last who dared break it he beat to death in front of the others. He had a way of making a point stick, and violence makes a statment

Why did this matter? He had let it set in his mind, using a holy weapon on Valdis was oddly not okay with him. The weapon was stashed away with the weapon he once wielded when he was young, as he never speaks of his time as an angel, all that fell with him was locked in a safe. He waited until those around him were out to do their jobs before he vanished from his chamber back topside. It was dark as he liked, and once again raining as he sighed and snapped the umbrella reappeared in his hands. Taking a breath of the earth air, the jealousy hit him again. How dare the humans be so loved as to get a world like this one... just to destory it.

No he had to shake that off, he was here for one person. He had to find her scent.

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The familiar warning twisted deep inside, telling her that a demon was near. She sighed heavily, once again, it was time to move and just when she was getting settled with a new identity. She pulled out her phone and politely excused herself, laughing as she explained that her grandmother was calling and she had to go.

Leaving the humans to the rest of their meal, Valdis pulled out her umbrella and headed down the street, toward the apartment she had been renting. It was a nice place, and she was loathe to leave it, but she was far too smart to simply believe that the demon was here by accident. Especially because the feel was familiar, as if she had met the demon before and not many demons survived meeting her.

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Aren't you a persistent one...

She was quit unamused by his presence, though at the same time quite impressed that he had managed to find her again. It was such a shame that he would have to die, but she could play along for a bit.

She continued walking, moving right past him without a glance in his direction, showing him her back. It was only a slight insult, meaning that she wasn't afraid to show him her back, because of course he was beneath her.

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This Archdemon was quite odd. She would have considered him a sniveling minion belonging to Amos, except for the fact that he was clever enough to track her down again. She continued walking, turning to cross the city park, a shortcut to her apartment and a better place to talk than the streets.

And what did Amos say about your failure?

Amos was of little concern to her at the moment.

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Perhaps they are simply afraid of me, have you considered that?

She knew whenever an Archdemon entered the human plane near her, and so far, Amos and Kasdeya had been the only ones to ever get close enough to talk. She paused in the middle of the park and turned to face him, hand on her hip.

"You wanted to talk," she said, eyes narrow, "So talk."

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"Are you so certain that Amos is unaware of your current activities?" She smirked, "And I am free now so what makes you think that I would satisfy your curiosity if all it would do was get me captured?"

She laughed and shook her head, "I do not even know how I got a soul, you'd have to ask Michael that one, he's probably the only one who knows." She raised a brow, smiling slyly, "Unprotected souls can be bound, hence the excitement of the Archdemons, being one, surely you know that?"

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"Human's aren't nearly as bad as you think, Kasdeya," she replied, briefly examining her nails, "They are quite useful and easy to manipulate." She rolled her eyes, "Women are often a mystery to men.

"I'm certain that the Angels are just as interested in me as the Demons, just for different reasons." She laughed, "You asked about armies? If the demons were to send an army, the Angels would have to send one as well. It would reveal the existence of both races to the human world and the humans would arm themselves and fight both sides. Amos is far too clever to allow that to happen, or at least I hope he is."

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"War can be a wonderful thing, but the destruction from that particular kind would probably send the world spiraling into unending chaos."

She could feel the simmering anger that rose inside of him, directed at the humans, at the angels. But she ignored it.

"You are nothing but a scout then," she teased, raising a brow, "Sent to test the limits of my power and I assure you, you will not find them."

She knew that her power wasn't what it once had been. She had Michael and this cursed soul to thank for that, but there was no need to tell this lesser archdemon.

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Valdis was prideful, but she wasn't foolish. She was more inclined to think that the Archdemons were simply biding their time, trying to come up with a plan to combat the Hounds before coming after her. If Fenrir discovered that the Demons had captured her, then he would lead his forces against them to reclaim her and that could be just as messy.

"Oh, good," she replied, raising a brow, "Please do tell the demon council that they are wasting their time hunting me. Obviously none of them have your intelligence."

She turned away, "If you truly have no idea why your superiors are so intent on finding me, then perhaps you could ask Amos and then report back to me. I'd love to know their plans." Then she started walking away.

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"I know," she laughed in reply, even though she knew he was gone. She did hope, however, that he might be curious enough to actually ask Amos his plans and then foolish enough to tell her. He was odd for an Archdemon and perhaps part of her was interested in seeing him again, but that was dangerous. Amos wasn't an idiot, he probably knew Kasdeya better than the demon knew himself.

"Time to move again," she sighed, heading to her apartment to pack.


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