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Kasdeya had something to prove, he's had bad luck for as long as he could remember. Often making a fool of himself without meaning to. It didn't matter how smart he was, he hadn't intended to fall in the first place. But he had, and he's tried to keep up since. How did he even get this job? He'd never say, but for him this was his chance to show he wasn't a bumbling fool. To bring back the Hellhound Queen and throw her corpse at the feet of his peers.

He hated being in the human world, they were why he fell in the first place. He hated how favored they were, so yes he stood against it. Walking these streets he kept a cold scowl on his face, holding an umbrella over his head as the rain pelted down. It seemed wiser than letting himself get soaked or making the rain just miss him altogether. He didn't like the damned human contraption, it was more noisy than the rain.

He could feel something near by, and stopped walking. Looking off in a direction trying to concentrate on what he felt. Was that her? or someone else hunting?

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She was laughing, carrying her heels and letting herself be soaked by the rain as she ran through the park, closely followed by Ray Freemont, the eldest son of the second richest man in the city.

"Grace," he called out struggling with his umbrella, "You're getting soaked."

"The rain is wonderful," she called back, spinning around to face him. Humans were so easy to dupe, but at least this one was handsome. "Put that silly thing away and dance with me." But she stopped and waited for him, grabbing him by his tie and pulling him down to kiss him as she finally allowed him to cover her with his umbrella.

Valdis had lived long enough among humans to figure out how to seduce and keep someone interested and Ray was no different. They had been dating for two months and he was infatuated. She played the charming, sweet, bright and pretty girl for him and his father. As she kissed him, she felt something shift and broke off the kiss to look around. Something wasn't right...

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She didn't know who the dark feeling was coming from, but she knew the direction and so, without breaking character, she drew Ray away from the park and toward the waiting town car.

"Let's go back to your place," she said breathlessly, still smiling, "We can curl up next to the fire and talk about the weather or we can...do something else."

Ray blushed as she kissed him again and pulled open the car door to let her in. She slid across the seat, looking over Ray's shoulder as he got in, her eyes narrowing in as she used her extra senses to identify the demon in the crowd. His corrupted and fallen soul lit up like a beacon, but then Ray pulled the door shut and the car drove off, heading to his estate.

But it had been a Demon and Valdis suspected that he would find a way to follow, if he had recognized her that is.

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She had not felt a touch like that in over a century, the touch of a mind reaching out to hers. So the Demon had sensed her presence in the park and had followed, how foolish of him. But there was nothing to be done now. She slowly slid out from under the sheets, careful to not disturb Ray as he slept and quickly wrote a note explaining that she had an early class she had to get to and to not worry, she would see him soon.

Then she dressed and headed out of the grand house, taking the back door to avoid the butler and guards. She knew exactly where the Demon stood, she could see his fallen soul glimmering in the grey of the between. She walked toward him, her eyes shining red in the night and her dark hair loose around her shoulders.

"Who are you," she demanded, eyes narrowed in anger "To command me?"

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She raised a brow, turning her head slightly in amusement as she stopped just on the other side of the gate, keeping it between them. Hellhounds thought little of demons, and despite possessing a soul, Valdis was still a Hound and she still looked down upon what she saw as lesser beings.

"And where, exactly, do I belong?" she asked, crossing her arms and cocking a hip, appearing completely relaxed. "Surely you don't think to take me back to Fenrir? I haven't been gone so long as to think that my mate would lower himself to asking for favors from a demon."

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She looked contemplative, "At Amos' feet? Not yours?"
Then she laughed, the sound as alluring as she was. "How sad an Archdemon you are, to have to take your prize to the throne of another."
She glanced back at the house, then back to him, her gaze filled with disinterest, "You truly don't know who you are dealing with, do you? I was not Queen of the Hellhounds for nothing. I am not some pretty present to offer your master in return for favor."

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This was laughable, this little Archdemon honestly expected her to submit to him. Not even Fenrir could command her, he had tried and he had lost two of his pack to her power. It hadn't exactly been on purpose, but she would not submit to someone so obviously weaker than her, even if it was simply in mind.

"You think that just because you found me that you've won?" She replied as he motioned her forward. "My submission must be earned, and you have no chance of that."

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For a moment she just stared at him, her eyes narrowed in confusion, then they widened and she burst into laughter.

"Fine," she laughed, shaking her head, "Kill me and drag my broken corpse to your master."

His show of strength wasn't the most impressive she had seen, Amos was far more powerful, as was Fenrir. But he amused her, so she would play with him for a bit before sending him back to Amos empty handed.

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He was fast, but she was faster, besides she couldn't make it too easy for him at first, she had to make him feel accomplished before completely humiliating him.

She gracefully dodged his attack, move aside and brushing off the weak darkness that he commanded, grabbing hold of it and twisting it around to driect it back at him.

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She smirked, allowing the fire to strike her, simply waving it away. Immunity to flames, no matter how hot, was quite the perk it seemed. She raised a finger, dissipating the darkness that was headed toward the house and returning it to nothing.

"You will have to do better than that," she said, eyes narrowed.

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She summoned shadows, which swirled around her hand and formed into a black blade, which she lifted and easily deflected his strike. Shoving him off and countering with a low swing at his abdomen.

"You are wasting your time," she replied, "Not mine."

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Valdis didn't pause when her sword connected. She easily danced aside, his strike missing by a breath, her blade coming around to block his once again.

"Did Amos not tell you?" she replied, feigning shock. She was enjoying this perhaps a little too much.

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She laughed, lowering her blade, half dare, half taunt, completely unworried by his skill or presence.

"I have a soul, Kasdeya," she replied, "My kind have no use for a Queen who possesses a soul."

She wondered how much he actually knew as opposed to what he thought he knew.

"Where else was I to go? Where else was I to hide? The humans may be fools, but they are useful fools."

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In short, he knew very little. Did Amos dislike this demon so much that he had sent Kasdeya to die at her hands. How quaint.

"Not even I know how it happened," she replied, still not moving, "That would be a question to ask Michael the Archangel, it happened during my battle with him."

She sighed, sensing his hatred, "Anything is better than the humans?" She asked, "Not for me. My mate wished to remove my soul, the Demons seek to exert their control and the Angels think me too dangerous to allow me to live. The Humans have no knowledge of my kind, they are by far the safest option."

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She smirked, "I do not need protection, I merely need to survive."

She considered dismissing her sword, but decided against it, "My kind are in disarray, we shall not see them for some time. The Angels believe I am dead, for that is what Michael told them and Amos..." she laughed, "Amos sends lesser beings to do his job. I think I can manage."

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he might have been done, but she wasn't, "Perhaps Amos sent his loyal pup to do just that, or perhaps Amos was the one who helped me escape the Demons in the first place."

She would let him chew on that for a bit. Then she dismissed her shadow blade and an instant later was in front of him, planting a light kiss on his cheek. "It's been fun, Kasdeya."

Then she was past him, disappearing into the shadows. She sighed, poor Roy would wonder where she had gone, she would have to write him at some point. Breakups were always so nasty.


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